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Coding Point | Latest project

This is one of my latest project. It is an application that rates and ranks websites and other web applications based on a set of cariteri.

The application is created for the community so that you make sense of an increasing array of Somali websites. All the ratings and rankings are done colleboratively by the community. Users can submit new websites as well as rank those already submitted by others. All these are done by code algarirthm that works behind the scene.

The websites shown on the front page are catogerised. The top websites are those with best ranking. The most popular ware those with visitors and so on. User are able to rank any of those websites. The ranking is done with a simple questionaire form that takes less than a minute to finish.

There are an admin side where the website operator can verify contents of newly submitted website before they are shown to the public. Below is a selected screenshots of the application. More to come soon... If you have some think to say, click here to contact us or email at

Other Project screens

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Admin Page

This is the admin page of the webranking application. innesote, USA. Website allows people to book a taxi at anytime with booking info sent to the administrator of the website and a confirmation email sent to the customer as well.

The website has an admin side where it records all booking. The admin person can keep old bookings or delete them all together. There are many other functionalities too.

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Login page

This website provides financial services. Daily exchange rates are publiched for World's main currencies. There is also money transfer service.

The website has a big administration side where the admin can update currency exchanges, transfer fees and host of other functionalities.

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Contact page

This is a community website that serves diaspora and those inside Somalia. The web gives information of the new projects and services that has been implemented by the community for the community.

The finance has come from diaspora community as well as those isnide.

Other Project works

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