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Coding point is a web solutions provider helping create digital presence for anyone. It also delivers successful SEO campaings that put your website closer to your target audience..

Coding point specialises at developing custom coding solutions. Developers adhere to professional coding standards with professional styles and comments, to make sure the next developer who takes over the coding responsibilties would quickly understand previous work.

Whether you are looking for a simple website, news site, blog or community-driven website with user interactions, codingpoint is here to help. In spirit of volunteering, we help not-for-profit organizations and communities to get presence in the Internet.

Past Projects

Multiairporttaxi image

Mini Cab

Multiairporttaxi is a minicab taxi service based in Minneapolis, Minnesote, USA. Website allows people to book a taxi at anytime with booking info sent to the administrator of the website and a confirmation email sent to the customer as well.

The website has an admin side where it records all booking. The admin person can keep old bookings or delete them all together. There are many other functionalities too.

City Exchange net image


This website provides financial services. Daily exchange rates are publiched for World's main currencies. There is also money transfer service.

The website has a big administration side where the admin can update currency exchanges, transfer fees and host of other functionalities.

Ruunnirgood image


This is a community website that serves diaspora and those inside Somalia. The web gives information of the new projects and services that has been implemented by the community for the community.

The finance has come from diaspora community as well as those inside the country.

Other Project works

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